Lost Wreck of the North Sound

Lost Wreck of the North Sound

Not Grand Cayman’s Typical Wreck Dive

Are you looking for something a little different? Tired of 100 ft+ visibility and cobalt blue water? Well, you’re in luck. After a long search and many gallons of gas, local dive operator Ambassador Divers re-discovered the lost wreck of the north sound. Sitting upright in roughly 30 ft of green water is a site unlike any one normally sees while diving in the Cayman Islands. According to fellow Lionfish hunter and Chief Conservation Officer for the Department of Environment Mark Orr, the wreck was towed to the site and sank in late 2004 after a devastating hurricane passed over Grand Cayman. Visibility on the wreck is poor at best, but don’t let that stop you from exploring the site. Spiny Lobsters hide beneath the stern and the site is absolutely covered in Schoolmasters. Lionfish also seem to love this site, we removed at least 15 of the invaders on each outing.

This site is definitely not for everyone, but if your looking for something off the beaten path, this is your site!

Check out the video below and happy diving!

The Wreck of the North Sound from iDive Global on Vimeo.


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