Wreck dives

Know for deep walls and shallow reefs, the Cayman Islands are home to some of the most incredible dive sites found anywhere on planet earth. But did you know the there are some great wreck dives here as well? Cayman Brac boasts a Soviet Union built 330-foot-long Koni II class frigate. Built in 1984 for the Cuban Navy, the Cayman Islands government purchased and scuttled it off the shore of the Brac in 1996 and renamed her the MV Captain Keith Tibbets after a local dive operator. 

Not to be outdone, Grand Cayman also purchased a massive military ship. This one from the United States navy. The 251-foot submarine rescue vessel, the USS Kittiwake was sunk in 70 feet of water in the heart of West Bay. This huge ship was cleaned and made diver friendly prior to the sinking. With massive hole cut in her port and starboard sides, the now re-named Ex USS Kittiwake has ambient light illuminating her interior from every angle.

Also found on the west side of Grand Cayman are the popular wreck dives, the Pro Verde and the Doc Poloson. Both of these sites are relatively shallow, making for long bottom times.

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