Best dive Operators

The Cayman Islands, celebrated as a premier diving destination, offer an array of exceptional dive operations catering to underwater enthusiasts. Among these, Ambassador Divers shines as a beacon of excellence, providing bespoke valet dive services since 1990. With a commitment to customer service and a selection of the islands’ finest wrecks, reefs, and wall dives, they promise an adventure for every level of diver, from novices to the seasoned​1​.

Ambassador Divers: A Class Apart

Ambassador Divers, esteemed for its personalized service, stands out with offerings such as private charters on a luxury sailing catamaran and excursions to the famed Stingray City. They have the honor of being the first Performance Freediving 5 Star facility, offering courses that appeal to the growing freediving community. Their certified instructors ensure safety and provide enriching dive experiences at some of Grand Cayman’s most treasured dive sites​2​.

Other Top Dive Operations in Grand Cayman

The island’s dive operations are numerous, but some have distinguished themselves for their service and expertise:

  • Living The Dream Divers: Owner-operated for guaranteed smooth sailing, they bring an intimate knowledge of Grand Cayman’s underwater landscapes​3​.
  • Redsail Sports: Voted a top operator, their extensive experience promises a dive excursion beyond expectations​4​.

Cayman Islands: A Diver’s Paradise

With over 40 dive operations and almost 365 dive sites, the Cayman Islands ensure that every dive is a new discovery​5​​6​. From the pioneer days of Bob Soto’s first dive shop to the present, the islands have maintained their allure, offering dive sites marked with moorings and conditions perfect for all diving levels​6​.

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