Hunting Lionfish in the Cayman Islands

Hunting Lionfish in the Cayman Islands

Lionfish Culling in the Cayman Islands

The Facts

Lionfish are:
1) Voracious predators shown to eat native fish and crustaceans in large quantities, including both ecologically and economically important species like grunts, snapper, Nassau grouper, and cleaner shrimp
2) No known native predators
3) Equipped with venomous dorsal, ventral and anal spines, which deter predators and can cause painful wounds to humans
4) Capable of reproducing year-round with unique reproduction mechanisms not commonly found in native fishes (females can reproduce every 4 days!)
5) Relatively resistant to parasites, giving them another advantage over native species
6) Rapid in their growth, able to outgrow native species with whom they compete for food and space

The Solution

Organizations like the DoE and Cayman United Lionfish League have been proactive in their battle against this invasive juggernaut. Hosting local lionfish tournaments and offering lionfish on local restaurant menus are just a few of the success stories written by these active cullers.

Now, tourists and locals alike can obtain a PADI Cayman Islands Lionfish Culler diving certification offered by local dive shop Ambassador Divers. This certification allows the use of DoE approved spears to be used while hunting lionfish in the Cayman Islands. Check out the video below for more information or contact to book your class.

Lionfish Culling Certification from iDive Global on Vimeo.


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