Help Us Save Cayman’s Precious Harbor

Help Us Save Cayman's Precious Harbor

Help Us Save Cayman’s Precious Harbor

Soto’s South is a large, thousands of years old reef structure immediately adjacent to the north edge of the proposed dredge pit and will certainly be smothered to death by silt from the dredging and then repeatedly, daily from the ships’ thrusters, which would ensure no chance of recovery forevermore.Watch and marvel at what we stand to lose, then sign the petitions to stop the dredge plan. This is just one of four national gems that will certainly be destroyed by dredging and thrusters.  The Cali and Balboa shipwrecks and Eden Rock are the other three that will certainly perish.  A gradient of death will spread beyond as well.  These are the certainties including mitigations as given in the EIA, while the gradient of death beyond these sites is the unknown.

Please take a moment and sign our general petition here. If you are a registered voter in the Cayman Islands, please sign the referendum here.

The following video was shot at Soto’s South in October of 2014. It’s hard to imagine that destroying this incredible underwater wonderland is even an option.

Soto’s South from iDive Global on Vimeo.


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