Grand Cayman’s East End

Grand Cayman's East End

East End

The East End of Grand Cayman is home to some of Grand Cayman’s most spectacular dive sites. Stretching from Chubb Hole to Gigglin Marlin, this side is definitely a local favorite. Diving some of these sites can be a little tricky so timing is everything. Winds throughout the year are generally from the east – north east in the winter and south east in the summer. The easiest sites to reach are Chubb Hole, Cinderella’s Castle, Snapper Hole and Dragon’s Layer. These are world class sites situated just south of the Collier’s cut making for a short ride outside the channel. They are also home to large schools of silversides during the summer months which make these dive sites simply amazing. Moving south towards the main channel is one of the coolest sites on the island – Old Wreckhead. This site is without a doubt the most difficult one to hit. Winds from the east as well as tidal flow from the sound create dangerous conditions here most of the year. On a light day with a high tide you can find amazing tunnels, swim throughs and overhangs filled with tarpon and schooling horse eyed jacks.


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