Fly By on Ghost Mountain

Fly By on Ghost Mountain Fly By on Ghost Mountain

Cayman Islands Pinnacle Diving

Walls, reefs, and sunken shipwrecks are but a few of the usual suspects available year round in the Cayman Islands.

These three categories cover the majority of our 365 dive sites but did you know that there is another type that is often the favorite of local dive masters? Pinnacle diving!

Pinnacles are vertical coral structures made up of many types of hard and soft corals. These amazing towers of life are typically found in areas where current is abundant. Adorned in colorful sponges and delicate gorgonians, these sites offer structure and habitat to some of our most photogenic creatures.

Arguably the most famous of these underwater giants is Ghost Mountain. Ask any dive master on the islands to list their top ten favorite dive sites and I guarantee you that Ghost Mountain in in there somewhere. This towering pinnacle is located at the edge of the North Sound’s barrier reef. This adds to the degree of difficulty when choosing to dive the site. As the tide flows outward from the shallow North Sound, milky green water covers the pinnacle, dropping the usual 100ft visibility down to 20 feet. This area is also known for strong currents. Make sure and check out the conditions prior to the  diving the site.

The video below was shot on our favorite underwater vehicle, the Cuda 400 provided to us by our friends at Dive Xtras. Attached to this beast is a Canon 5D Mark3 equipped with an 8-15mm Fisheye lens mounted with the Dive X deluxe camera swivel mount. These products and many others are available from our friends at Backscatter Underwater Video and Photo.

Happy Diving!

Ghost Mountain Fly By from iDive Global on Vimeo.


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