Cleaning Stations

Cleaning Stations

Diving Grand Cayman

Probably best chronicled by Will Smith’s character in the movie Shark Tale, cleaning stations are a little bit like a car wash. Fish of all shapes and sizes wait for their turn to pull into the station for their daily cleaning. As the fish arrives at the station, a non aggressive posture is taken giving the green light to the cleaner fish. During the process, cleaner fish, shrimp, and other critters clean the eyes, gills, skin, and teeth of the non aggressive reef predator. This type of symbiosis can be seen all over the walls, reefs and wrecks of the Cayman Islands.

In the video below, a Tiger Grouper gets a good going over by a crew of eager Pederson Shrimp.

Watch in HD!

Cleaning Station iDive from iDive Global on Vimeo.


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