About Us

Welcome to iDiveCayman, your premier online destination dedicated to exploring the underwater majesty of the Cayman Islands through the lens of Jason Washington, a name synonymous with breathtaking underwater photography and a passion for the marine world that is as deep as the very waters he explores.

Our Journey

iDiveCayman was born from a vision to share the unparalleled beauty of Cayman Islands diving with the world. Founded by Jason Washington, a world-renowned underwater photographer whose accolades are as profound as his photographs, our site serves as a compass for aquatic adventurers seeking to discover the best scuba diving and snorkeling experiences the Cayman Islands have to offer.

Jason, with his keen eye and an insatiable love for the ocean, has spent countless hours submerged in the cerulean depths of the Cayman waters, capturing the essence of its vibrant marine life and the ethereal calm of its underwater vistas. His work is not just photography—it’s a narrative of the Cayman underwater tableau, told through a gallery of images that inspire and beckon.

Our Mission

At iDiveCayman, our mission is simple yet profound: to guide you through an immersive journey into the heart of the Cayman Islands’ aquatic sanctuaries. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or someone who’s just about to slip on a snorkel for the first time, our website is your gateway to discovering the perfect underwater adventure tailored just for you.

Our Content

Every image and every piece of content on iDiveCayman.com has been meticulously captured and curated by Jason himself. From the shallow sun-kissed reefs teeming with colorful fish to the mysterious allure of ancient shipwrecks and dramatic wall dives, our content is a tribute to the diversity and beauty of the Cayman Islands’ marine environments.

Our Commitment to You

We understand that choosing the right spot to dive or snorkel in the Cayman Islands can be overwhelming. That’s why iDiveCayman is committed to providing you with informative, user-friendly resources paired with stunning visuals to help you make informed decisions about your diving experiences.

Dive into iDiveCayman

Embark on a virtual dive with us and discover why the Cayman Islands are revered as a top-tier diving destination. Let Jason’s lens be your guide beneath the waves. With iDiveCayman, you’re not just planning a dive; you’re immersing yourself in an underwater odyssey.

Join us at iDiveCayman.com—where every dive is an opportunity to explore the extraordinary.

For the adventurous at heart and the ocean in soul, your next underwater journey starts here. Dive in.