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Cayman Tourism

Cayman Islands Tourism

Adorned in white sand beaches complimented by vast cobalt blue water, the Cayman Islands attracts millions of tourist to its waterfronts. These three islands are home to some of the best SCUBA diving and snorkeling sites in the Caribbean. The overflowing natural beauty that blossoms on each island is reflected in its fresh flowers and picture perfect sunsets. Thousands of visitors flock to its beaches to view the crystal clear water and explore the underwater gems hidden deep beneath the waves. Families, couples and friends alike find relaxation and comfort in the Island’s culture, making this paradise their ideal get away.

Its composition includes three separate islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac & Little Cayman, with each location holding a rarity of its own. Travel with us, as we examine each island’s unique charms and where you can go to get the best out of your vacation.


Grand Cayman Stretching 22 miles long and roughly 8 miles wide, Grand Cayman remains the largest of the three. Its uniqueness lies not only in its size, but also in its affluent atmosphere. Its Seven Mile Beach continues to be a top tour destination, along with the islands exceptional food and cultured style. The capital, George Town, offers a diverse atmosphere. Although it still holds on to the colorful Caribbean style buildings, high end finance corporations and luxury stores modernize this treasured island and promote an affluent atmosphere. Let’s examine some of the most desired places of the island that are kept right in the depths of the Grand Cayman.


Seven mile beach A beloved destination by visitors and natives alike is the astonishing seven mile beach. Although this attraction only stretches 5 ½ miles long, it’s nothing short of beautiful. Crowds enjoy the vibrant color of the bubbling waves and soak up the sun with a delicious drink available nearby at local beach bars. This ultimate beach is available for all to walk and can be accessed at any time, especially for those who enjoy the night beach experience.


Sting Ray city Stingray City offers the chance for visitors to swim with the swarming creatures and enhance their vacation adventure. Guest can also enjoy feeding these welcoming fish as you observe them floating in the blue waters. These cuddly critters are opened for all ages to swim with and are guaranteed to be a highlight of your vacation!


Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park This non-profit organization displays Grand Cayman’s earthly beauty through the collection of its delicate floral foliage. The park contains a lake decorated in floating lily pads which serves as an aquatic habitat for various species of birds. This peaceful forest is home to many species of animals and plants, remaining an eye-catching tour destination for all.


For nature lovers and adventure seekers alike, Cayman Brac stands as the perfect getaway. This rugged, charming island was named after its 140 ft Bluff. ‘The Brac’, as it’s commonly called, is known for its winding trails and mysterious caves. Explorers flock to its rocky terrain and discover the beauty displayed on its shores. Underwater divers find delight in its stunning clear waters and colorful views. Let’s dig deeper and discover what adventures awaits you on this intriguing island.


National Trust Parrot Reserve This area found on Cayman Brac offers birds of colorful coats and rarity. In comparison to their existence being little to none on the other two sister islands, the exuberant Parrots and other multicolor birds flourish on Cayman Brac. This path highlights the islands unique nature and explores the curious creatures that lay hidden in its forestry.


SCUBA Diving Cayman Brac offer world class scuba diving just a few fin strokes from it’s scenic shore line. Both shore diving and boat diving are available here, giving adventure to both advanced and novice divers alike.


Rock climbing Cayman Brac remains a world-class destination for rock climbing. Some of the popular spots include North Wall, East Wall and Orange Wall which differ in size and terrain according to what your interest are. For those looking for high-stamina entertainment, rock climbing stands as the perfect activity!


Although small in size, many enjoy the seclusion the Little Cayman Island offers. Visitors look forward to laying out in the sun, undisturbed and detached from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Little Cayman remains a remote paradise and prides itself in personalized service and familial warmth to guests. Its bright blue waters and carefree pace produce the perfect spot to chill out and relax. Because of the slow pace however, some may wonder, ‘What fun activities can you do on this island?’ For those who are unfamiliar, this island offers the highest quality scuba diving views in the world, due to its untouched, pristine coral reefs. Let’s look at one of the most famous wonders of the underwater world that is set in the seas of the Little Cayman.


Bloody bay wall Recognized as the most successful and breath –taking dive site in the Caribbean, Bloody Bay Wall shines as an underwater wonder. From its exuberant array of colorful sponges to the spectacular display of colorful fish, this world-class destination brings everything one would desire from a scuba diving experience.


Getting to the Cayman Islands


With vast adventure and tasty food at great prices, your trip to the Cayman Island is guaranteed to be a blast. All that’s left is to plan your trip today! With our two leading airports, Owen Roberts International Airport, located on Grand Cayman & Charles Kirk Connell Airport located on Cayman Brac, visitors can expect a smooth transition into our islands. Averaging 55 weekly flights, the Cayman Islands offer 8 different airlines, which include: Air Canada, American Airlines, Delta air lines, JetBlue airways, US airway, United and West Jet. Located in the Owen Roberts International Airport is Visitor tour guide booth, the perfect way for all tourists to get answers to their questions, providing brochures on traveling from each island and additional needed information any traveler would need. For those who wish to reach our islands by boat, we have well established cruise terminals, including the North Terminal, the South Terminal and the Royal Watler Terminal. Never has travel into your top Caribbean destination been easier! So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and enjoy our endless resorts and flawless scenery. Dine at our 5 star restaurants, check out our nature attractions, embrace our warm Caribbean culture and dive into our under water adventures. We here at the Cayman Islands promise to make your stay comfortable, affordable and above all, the most enjoyable. Plan your trip today to make this the vacation and experience you won’t ever forget!
























Cayman Islands tourism – The Fun Never Stops!